Clinical Supervision

Clinical supervision is very much a working alliance and finding the right supervisor can be difficult. My aim is to nurture you and to encourage growth, whilst at the same time challenging and supporting you to become the best practitioner you can be.

Working Together

As we know, counselling is a demanding role in terms of emotionally relating to a wide range of people and needs and we need to ensure we have the personal capacity to meet the demands of the role. My desire is to create an environment based on mutual respect, openness, calm and occasionally humour, in what can be a lonely and difficult profession, with your well-being always at the forefront of our sessions.

As someone once said, ‘You cannot adequately support others if you do not look after yourself’.

As counsellors, we can be challenged by many ethical dilemmas and the correct path isn’t always clearly marked; I am here to help you find the best way forward, ensuring that our professional ethical standards are maintained.

As with all professions, it’s important to evaluate your performance as a counsellor. Nobody is perfect and nobody gets it right 100% of the time. It’s incredibly important to me that you feel that supervision is a safe space, where you won’t be judged and in which you can be completely open about all aspects of your work. I am here to help and support you, not to encourage any feelings of inadequacy that you might be fostering. As well as exploring areas of challenge, I strongly believe supervision is also about recognising and celebrating all of the aspects that are going well and noticing your progression and ongoing development as a counsellor.

I hold Advanced Specialist Training status with the National Counselling Society and offer clinical supervision to both student and qualified counsellors. I am on Lincoln University's Register of Approved Supervisors and particularly enjoy the opportunity to work with trainee counsellors. It can feel incredibly daunting for trainee counsellors starting out on placement and my aim is to support you to develop your own style, sharing my experiences and giving you the confidence to grow and flourish.

In terms of my own counselling practice, I work with both adults and young people. My work is of an integrative nature, primarily using person-centred and CBT modalities to help my clients achieve their goals. I am also a qualified life coach and find that this works really well with counselling in the right circumstances.

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